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Steel Foundry

Commitment to Quality Castings

Since 1933, The Columbiana Foundry Company in Ohio has produced only the highest quality castings, which is why our customers have remained loyal through the decades.

Castings in Steel and Iron

The Columbiana Foundry is one of only a handful of companies in the U.S. that offers castings in both steel and iron. In fact, we pour virtually every class of ferrous alloy throughout the year. We are fully capable of complete casting and pattern design, including the conversion of fabrications, forgings, and other metal parts to castings.

Whatever your particular casting needs—from prototype to low or medium quantity production runs—the Columbiana Foundry is ready to serve you!


P.O. Box 98, Lisbon Rd., Columbiana, Ohio 44408, Phone: 330-482-3336, Fax: 330-482-9665