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Columbiana Foundry Services

Horseshore Metal Casting

Special Services

• Emergency response during breakdowns.

• Prompt quotation response.

• Complete machining services.

• A full spectrum of non-destructive testing including: magnetic particle; dye penetrant; ultrasonic; x-ray; charpy impact testing; microstructure.

• Full certification reports for chemicals, physicals, non-destructive testing and heat treating when required.

• Safe, clean pattern storage in metal warehouses with concrete floors.

• Trouble-shooting services, including metallurgical and design capabilities.

• "Cast-to-size" capability.

• Certified welding to ASTM A488 and ASME section IX.

• Pattern construction including material choices of styrofoam, pine, hardwood, or urethane.

• Complete heat treating services.


P.O. Box 98, Lisbon Rd., Columbiana, Ohio 44408, Phone: 330-482-3336, Fax: 330-482-9665